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"Finally… PROVEN system, templates, and resources to build a next-level brand people love, engage with, and purchase from.”

It took me 8 years to build and sell Greatist, but I’ll share everything I learned in just 5 weeks with you. 

Look, there's nothing else that can transform your business like a brand.

To many business builders, “brand" may seem hard to pin down and commit to. Maybe you think YOU are the brand (trust me, you’re not.) Maybe you just don’t care enough (you should.) OR you’ve got this nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe brand is what’s missing from taking your business to the next level.

After all, you personally buy from great brands. You follow great brands. You love great brands. You know how important they already are-- you're surrounded by them and a consumer of them and a fan of them just like anybody!

But for your business, the very idea of “brand” can be unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and different. You've gotten to where you're at because you're great at all these other things, but now you also need to be great at brand, too? UGH.

That voice is probably what's been holding you and, most importantly, your company back from the millions it could be making. Great brands aren't about a “new coat of paint.” Great brands are the necessary foundation for a successful million-dollar business

How? Well, great brands play a huge, often unconscious (!) psychological role in swaying the hearts and minds of your potential customers. The details, the design, the voice and tone— all this plays on someone’s decision to press “purchase,” sign up and subscribe, and/or join whatever it is.

By the way, no matter what industry you're in and what product you're selling, you've got a brand already (yikes!) and whether you like it or not, other people are deciding (or being disappointed by) what your brand already is.

Okay, so you’re not Apple, Tesla, or Nike. I mean, who is? 

We’re not building billion dollar businesses here (not yet, at least!) because, well, building a billion-dollar business takes millions to begin with.t follow the playbook I’ve developed over years of building brands and honed at Greatist and we can lay the groundwork for you to live the life you’ve always wanted to live and build the business you’ve always wanted to build, all this possible with Your Million Dollar Brand. This isn’t a pipe dream and this isn't just something “other” people do… Yes, you CAN do it and there’s an actual, step-by-step plan I can share for how.

I know I can help you build a brand like I built my brand-- the one I just sold for many, many millions. In YMDB, I’ll share my most advanced strategies and systems to create a 7-figure business-- how to better define your target customer, nail your brand voice, and create a winning content marketing strategy— all so you can find more customers and build a more successful, million-dollar business.

Follow my step-by-step plan and see through your dream of building a great brand for your business. 

I mean, it’s exciting: A brand voice that's consistent and amazing? A target customer you can super-serve so well that they share your company with others like them? A marketing plan you can set and forget that drives nonstop inbound customers? Imagine how HUGE of an impact just one of these pieces could have on your business… Imagine all this— essentially done for you.

Hi, I'm Derek Flanzraich, but you can just call me "Flanz." 😊

Derek Flanz - Profile

In 2011, I started and built it into an iconic, award-winning brand reaching 10-15M people every month. It introduced a generation to a completely new way to think about food, fitness, and happiness-- and shaped the way we talk about health today. I'm super proud of it. And, earlier this year, I sold Greatist to Healthline to build an even larger healthy living brand on the Internet.

Along the way, I've been called a "voice king" "building brands and organizations that last since fifth grade" and a "leading voice on building brands people love" and both Greatist + I have been featured on The Today Show, WSJ, NYT, Business Insider, Fortune, AdWeek, and Fox News.

Building brands and organizations that last since fifth grade.
— Forbes
Flanzraich’s genius is in finessing his audience... Flanzraich figured out a way to make his brand soar, and from scratch.
— Breakout
Looks like an Abercrombie model
— Observer
Of all the eyebrows out there in the world, Derek’s got the best.
— Sam Parr (The Hustle)
These 9 Hot Guys Drinking Juice Will Make You Thirsty
— SELF Magazine

Sorry-- just checking if you're paying attention here. 😉

Jokes aside, this all sounds amazing, right?

But here’s the truth— I started this business 6 months out of college from a 24-hour Starbucks. I had built brands before, sure, but I didn’t REALLY know what I was doing. I learned mostly from making mistakes, experimentation, true trial and error. Just like you, I knew I had a thing that could be big—and I knew I needed to do whatever it took to get there.

And though press and PR and business success is great, of course, it’s helping hundreds of people build brands in order to build better, more impactful businesses that’s most fulfilling. Hearing from happy, successful students where things finally "clicked" and their business took off is THE BEST (and way better than any mention in Forbes.)

So what do you get with YMDB

Well, with my proven tools, resources, frameworks, and more, you'll:

  • Define your business mission⁠—in a way that finally resonates!

  • Figure out your target consumer⁠—so you can always make the right decision.

  • Nail your brand voice⁠—so you can hand your marketing off to ANYONE!

  • Create an effective marketing strategy⁠—so you know what to do, what not to do, and how to do it.

  • Build a killer social media plan⁠—but in a scaleable, successful, not time-consuming way!

  • How to create content that works⁠—and that'll stand out from all the other crappy article noise!

Most importantly, you'll:

  • Grow your business in terms of audience⁠—so you can find more potential customers.

  • Grow your business in terms of revenue⁠—that's the point here, after all!

You have a product that works already. That people sometimes buy and usually like. That’s terrific, you’re so much further along than most already! 

But... you know something’s still missing— a brand that will take your product that works and turn it into a business that SUCCEEDS. So you wait for a magic trick, some amazing and fantastical button to appear that you can press and, WOW, just watch the customers flow in... Maybe it's Facebook ads, maybe it's Google Search, maybe it's big employer contracts, maybe it's subway advertising. 

Whatever it is, I've been there before. I’ve seen so many business builders there before, too. And I’ve never seen any magic lever. Every brand I've seen succeed did it with a plan-- a plan that isn't "magic," just a system and process that works.

With Your Million Dollar Brand, I'll help you build a digital brand worth more than $1M by sharing the plan, system, and process that worked for me and I’ve seen work time and time again for others, too.

With Your Million Dollar Brand, I'll help you build a digital brand worth more than $1M.

Get everything you need to build Your Million Dollar Brand for just 12 monthly payments of $250.00 (or get instant access for a full payment of $2,499— $501 off!)

In Your Million Dollar Brand, I’ll share everything you need to build an epic, million-dollar brand (and the tools, templates, resources, and more necessary to get there)-- everything you need from someone who's actually done it before!

Need a brand/re-brand? You'll come out of this with everything you need (except for the actual design and the actual written content-- but, don’t worry, I’ll share step-by-step plans to get those, too!).


You'll learn how to take your business to the next level so you can live the life you want to live, get attention and traction and credibility out there in the world, and finally win "the cool factor" your awesome company deserves… thanks to the million-dollar business you’re about to build.

Each week for 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing with you:

Brand Strategy

Module 1 - Golden Ticket / Early Adopters (narrow down your customer, find your tribe, and more)

Module 2 - Building a Cathedral / Purpose (broaden your vision, commit to your mission, and more)

Module 3 - Everything Did / Presentation (define your brand, find a designer, identify and create tripwires, what details to get right, and more)

You'll come out of this section with a definitive Brand Strategy Bible, a one-stop-shop for everything your brand.

Content Marketing

Module 4 - Share & Tell / Channels (find your brand audience market fit and perfect platform, discover who will share, and more)

Module 5 - Castles & Moats / Content (how to build content that stands out, influencer marketing tips, re-purposing opportunities, finding your "unique consistent value" to nail social, how to find & hire content producers, and more)

You'll come out of this part with a definitive Content Marketing Roadmap, a plan like no other for how to get your brand distributed, seen, and engaged with NONSTOP by your target consumers (oh-- and in a cost-effective way, too.)

YMDB Platform

With Your Million Dollar Brand, I'll help you build a digital brand worth more than $1M.

Get everything you need to build Your Million Dollar Brand for just 12 monthly payments of $250.00 (or get instant access for a full payment of $2,499— $501 off!)

Join TODAY and also unlock these extra worksheets, tools, and templates:

  • The Little John Tool - a proprietary approach to better defining your customer and your vision

  • The Bar Game (TBG) Tool

  • Email Templates for how to Email Branding Agencies & Designers

  • The Brand Audience Market Fit (BAMF) Tool

  • Email Templates for how to Email Influencers Template

  • The Unique Consistent Value (UCV) Tool

  • Email Templates for how to Email Digital Agencies & Editors

  • And so much more!

Oh-- and you'll also get access to an exclusive, member-only Facebook group of million dollar "branders" like you!

YMDB Resources

But Flanz, isn't investing in “brand” just throwing money away? Well, for sure there’s nothing easier than throwing money away— and stabbing around for a “brand” can definitely be an excellent way to do it. Without a thoughtful, strategic plan (like the one you’ll literally create in Your Million Dollar Brand), paying for a logo or hiring brand help can be super unsuccessful. But invest properly in a brand and watch your business grow— your awareness increase, your mentions multiply, your conversions grow, and your revenue at the same time.

What if I don't want to hire an expensive design firm? That’s okay— I wouldn’t advise it! I’ve worked with both the most expensive design agencies and the cheapest freelance designers and there’s a lot of awesome room in between. I’ll share a step-by-step plan to hiring the right designer for your brand (even with email templates to do outreach) if you’re interested at whatever your budget level in YMDB. Isn’t a new brand just a “coat of paint”? Well, sometimes a new coat of pain can help… but a brand is a LOT more than just design— you can get as much as any other student will from Your Million Dollar Brand without a single penny invested in improving it. And you can dramatically move the needle on your business by improving your written brand personality and content marketing.

But I’m not creative and bad at marketing… In my experience anyone building a business is more creative than they think, but even still you don’t need to be creative to make YMDB work for you. The tools, exercises, and resources I share are plug and play— essentially done for you— and you can then hand them off to “creatives” to execute if you’d prefer. But don’t let having a business blind spot hold you back. You’re here for a reason! Embrace the opportunity to get better at this from someone (me!) who’s succeeded with it before.

Don't I already have a brand if I'm successful at selling product? You definitely have some kind of brand, you’re just not fully in control of it. Imagine the impact taking control and building your brand right could have on potential customers— that’s the exciting opportunity here!

Still not sure? Here's a JAW-DROPPING, NO DUH guarantee: Try Your Million Dollar Brand for a full 60 days, 100% risk-free.

60 Days Guarantee

There's so much goodness in here that I'm happy to give you 60 days to make sure these systems, tools, and plans truly WORK for you. Take the time to let it soak in, take action, and see results.

Try the whole thing and, if you don't freakin' LOVE it, get 100% of your money back. I mean it. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees.

So join Your Million Dollar Brand and see for yourself. If my step-by-step roadmap doesn't impact your business within 60 days, I want to hear from you. Email me, show you did the exercises, and I'll give you all your money back. That's how confident I am that this system works-- and that it's got everything I've learned in this lifetime of brand-building jam-packed in.

This guarantee lasts 60 days, more than the duration of YMDB⁠—so you can try the WHOLE thing and then decide if it's right for you.

Your Million Dollar Brand will change everything about the way you market and grow your business. And it's 100% risk free.

It took me 8 years, $10M+ dollars, and lots more to build Greatist, but I'll share everything I've learned in just 5 weeks. I know how to do this because I've actually done it-- and you'll be able to implement and see a difference in your business from Module 1 on.

With Your Million Dollar Brand, I'll help you build a digital brand worth more than $1M.

Get everything you need to build Your Million Dollar Brand for just 12 monthly payments of $250.00 (or get instant access for a full payment of $2,499— $501 off!)